Sunday, February 25

Nan Jing Trip

Thanks for the great trip with Damien, Cliare, Parker(McDonald?), Hélène, Julia, Eric and Vencent.
We are a team! BTW Parker, You are such An American Idol!!! LOL
Well, we missed shanghai eventually, but Nanjing is definitely A great and historical city!

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Thursday, February 15

Today's Quote

"The object of the passion was only an accessory to the passion itself"

- Z.Smith


Woke from dream at two thirty, breath the air without sleepy
Oh God! Tell me If I still in dreamy, you are the shadow, yah, i want to be drunk in it
I see you around me, listening to my funny story
It's so real... I can feel reaching the eternity...
But you are not here
I couldn't forget the steps of your dance I first saw.. and wish i can chase my dream with you
But in the end, I am not the one gonna with you
You may right. It's just an INCONNU


Sunday, February 11

Today's Quote

What gets us into trouble
is not what we don't know

It's what we know for sure
that just ain't so

---Mark Twain

Sunday, February 4

伤了 虽然不是吃的


下午去了书店 不是我的书瘾上来 而是我真的无法再看任何一部哪怕是我最爱的电影 人总有疲劳的时候
就好像一直吃最喜欢的东西 总有一刻你会“吃伤了” 以至于恶心的地步

出门只带了钱包 留下时间和归宿留守 自己不喜欢在太多的东西中选择 所以只在绕书店推荐图书的躯体们一圈后 选了一本名字叫“余欢”的
也许只是被封面褶皱花边裙子旁的红色雨伞所吸引 简单却引人注目的感觉

回到家 没有人 去到了楼下花园 很多人 各种人
挑了个有阳光的板凳 喝着刚买的热奶茶 听着歌 看起书

阳光让我眩目 身边所有的颜色开始泛起光来 原来一切只是一幅幅风景画 我的生活与我只停留在距我不到那末几公分的距离 音乐与书 我 阳光的温馨和灼热 爱上了却怕吃伤了


Saturday, February 3

Go Get A Tattoo!

Finally, I went to do my tattoo last Saturday afternoon. It took 3 hours, and made me sure about if someone tell you, it's not gonna be painful. It's TOTALLY bullshit!
Well, won't talk about the process so much here. You can ask me for the detail in person.

Here is the picture took before operation, Tattoo Master just put a map covering on my leg.

And this is the final result. As you can see. FANTASTIC!

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Thursday, February 1

Everybody, Somebody, Anybody n' Nobody

There're 4 people named everybody, somebody, anybody and nobody.There was an important job to be done, and everybody was asked to do it. Everybody was sure that somebody would do it. Anybody could've done it, but nobody did it. Somebody got angry that because it was everybody's job. Everybody thought anybody could do it, but nobody realized that everybody wouldn't do it. It ended up that everybody blamed somebody when nobody did what anybody could have done.