Thursday, August 31

Western Scoundrel in Shanghai! Now Hiding?

What happened with the very famous blog on net? It seems to be hided or sealed?
This Blog is a very famous chitty chat topic in China now.
ChinaBound, an English person who is teaching in university in Shanghai. Made the famous "SEX AND SHANGHAI".
Zhang Jiehai, psychology professor of Shanghai academy of social and science. Whom made this issue about [网络追逐老外流氓大行动/Pursues Scoundrel Foreigner On The Net].
Here is a quote of a part from his blog:
Therefore, you can see, I stayed with Star this Saturday, Sunday with Yingyin. Meanwhile I talked with the Cherry through MSN, made a phone call to Rina, teased Tulip with SMS. Sent Emails to Suasn to flirt, and wooed through the Wendy's Blog."
…In spite of the title of this blog, my whole life is not purely a quest for sex; the company of women is simply more enjoyable than that of men. It seems to me the men in this culture have, mostly, rather little to say for themselves, but the women are confident, articulate and nuanced. Each woman is different; most men are the same. That’s why 95% of my friends are women.

More quotes here

Leave comments if you got something to talk about.

Wednesday, August 30

For The Curious One

In the first case you can choose your favorite interface: MacBook, iMac, Cinema Display. In the second case animation is very "flashy include the interface of Windows" XP "...

Animation Mac : ICI
Animation PC : ICI

Monday, August 28

Plastikman Fever

Key words: This Friday, at Bonbon, Richie Hawtin aka F.U.S.E. or Plastikman. Very famous.

Advertising Campaign

What i thought at first was just a "where the hell is there?!" =]

Sunday, August 27

Who I'd Like To Meet


Wedding Crashers

A Rainfall With 250,000 Balls

click image to play quicktime video

To illustrate the quality and the richness of the colors on its new line of television sets, Sony proposes the following concept for its publicity: to launch 250,000 simultaneously Superballes in an inclined street of San Francisco. The result is hypnotizing.

Saturday, August 26

This Phone Is for Entertainment Purposes Only!

Is it a regular phone? No, it's a cell phone...but even the sound quality is apparently horrible, but just think how funny it would be to pull this thing out in a restaurant to make a call. The Port-O-Rotary works with any mobile carrier that uses SIM cards.($499)

Friday, August 25

Don't Let Summer Go

Summer is leaving us, if you stay under Air-Con all the days, at least you should catch the summer's tail now. Jogging, shortz or boxer only on the street =]. Swimming, in the outdoor pool, a loads eye-candies are waiting for you, don't miss it again. AND we need get tanned. Pool party pictures here.

(Image Source)

Thursday, August 24

L'Anniversaire des Gwen

A friend Gwen's birthday party. Made at August 6.
And this is my first time to make a video. :]

Escape From Shanghai

SPOILER Berlin, an upcoming Techno/Elctro/House/POP Label with rebel attitude. In fact the song is nothing about Shanghai, but if you're interested to download the mix click - "escapefromshanghai"

SPOILER Berlin 中文:


Learn Mandarin On Your Terms

Awesome daily Chinese lessons. ChinesePod - A practical language guide to China study, travel and business. You can subscribe in iTunes | Yahoo | Google.

Wednesday, August 23

Prison Breakers Wanted

If you are in the U.S.. You may see the wanted poster on the streets. As in the previous season, the fox river gang members sneaked out from the jail. The story was continued on Monday, Aug 21.

Class OF 2006 BigBrother UK, The

95 Days, 3 months Journal. Pete a 24 yo unemployed/rock'n'roll singer/cartoonist won the competition of the BBUK7.
He is TOTALLY hilarious.

A Smoke Angel

What type of cloud is that? It is not a naturally occurring one. Looking perhaps a bit like a gigantic owl monster.
Made by an airforce jet is seen on the right. But looks great, isn't it?

(Image Source)

Tuesday, August 22

Down To the Beach

My friend went to Hainan last weekend, he sent me some pictures of there.
I love the beach and blue sea!!!!
More Pictures after jump.

Monday, August 21

Shanghai-lized aka SHN - Top Shanghai youth culture community portal, loads of local parties, to find most IN place in the town. Unfortunately it's all in Shanghainese(上海话). It's very hard to read even for me.
Here is a song of the group(21crew). RAP style. Talking about what u can see from the Shanghai's youth group.

Competition of the Miss Shanghai on net

(Image source)

Let ME Intrduce My Favorite WEB GAMEs
My Favorite Web Games Ever. Since 2004.
But the host is currently busy with client projects. Barely have time to do anything else.
Sorry about that.

"I'm cheap, AND fun."

ROFLMAO Video, I am not sure whether it's from official or not, but this is genius.
Yay Nintendo. Keep it simple. And slutty.

Friday, August 18

New World Wild Wonder

I took this picture from google earth. An artificial Palm Island. Started at year 2000. I bet it can be one of the most great human made stuff in the new wonders. They are building another one near by, just check the google earth and focus on Dubai.

Thursday, August 17

New ‘Housewives' Ready To Clean

Here’s the promo for season three of Desperate Housewives. It’s not as cool as last year’s “Juicy” Garden of Eden promo, but maybe that’s a good thing. Last year’s got everyone excited for a season that ended up being underwhelming.

Little DELI.cious

(Image Source)
Followed the guide here, walked to the little deli this noon (10 mins from my office). Ordered the "Hot Roast Beef and Swiss" on the recommendation menu. Warm meat and smooth cheese inside. Great tasty!
I gave 5 out of 5 to it.
Menu at the NYC website | here

How to Have A Legal Dog in Shanghai!!

Shanghai Permitted Certificate of Dogs
Costs RMB 2,000 (per year) in downtown (1,000 in others ). And they make you work to pay your 2,000 kuai.

Shanghai Immunization Certificate of Dogs
Can be a major headache to get. But once you find the one police officer in your district who knows the proper procedure, it's actually quite simple.

Wednesday, August 16

JT's Sexy Entourage

It's about damn time. With "Sexyback" humming on nearly everywhere, you can't possibly miss the force that is Justin.

The Boy can move.

Sexy Back Music Video....I think its not as good as i expected..but well what do u think?

(Image source)

Tuesday, August 15

SonarSound Tokyo 2006

When: October 07~08, 2006
Line-up: Afra & Incredible Beatbox Band, De La Soul, Doravideo, Eliot Lipp, Go Home Productions, Golden Pink Arrow, Aco +Taeji Sawai (aka portable [k]ommunity) + Tanaka-Kun(Dr), Nobukazu Takemura, Optrum, Senor Coconut and His Orchestra, Softpad, Tucker and more to be confirmed.
Cost: 1-day pass Y9,000 2-day pass Y17,000


Don't Wait For Leopard

As one apple user. I was really exciting about the Next Generation Apple Operation System - Leopard. It has already had a preview version to download on the net. (Google It)
One of the genius frobnitz - Web Clipping.

Here is the sneak peek.

But leopard is now a preview version only, so if u still want to try it, but don't really want to spend days to download it and hours to install it with the risk. TRY THIS. DashClipping made by solong.

Monday, August 14


He is so hot in the film "Grand Bleu, Le" aka "The Big Blue". But yea, he is not young as 28 anymore, but he still has his deep beautiful eyes. so innocent. Like a Angel.

"You go down to the bottom of the sea, where the water isn't even blue anymore, where the sky is only a memory, and you float there, in the silence. And you stay there, and you decide, that you'll die for them. Only then do they start coming out. They come, and they greet you, and they judge the love you have for them. If it's sincere, if it's pure, they'll be with you, and take you away forever."