Thursday, March 15

Got WiFi? Fring Lets You Call or Chat For Free

Fring is this great new application for mobile phones running Symbian. It lets you use a 3G, EDGE or WiFi connection to make free calls to anywhere. Fring also lets you send text messages or “chat” to other fring users, in addition to Skype, Google Talk and MSN contacts.

What makes it so cool? They're making it do not just one type of call, but all sorts of combinations. VOIP to another Fring user in your Fring contacts. Or call any cell phone even if they don't have Fring. And call any landline. Oh, and you can also connect to MSN Messenger, Google Talk, and Skype to use your buddy list there to IM and make calls. Any way you want it. Awesome.

I love that Fring is attempting to make this application just about as useful as possible. Many software companies would have limited the functionality to the left-hand side in the above diagram... in a greedy attempt to get their software on everyone's phone in order for it to be of any use. However, by supporting almost everything combination under the sun, they're making some news.

Anyhow, if you have to the chance to own or play with a Nokia handset with WiFi, should be installing this sucker right away to try it out.


Thursday, March 1

Mac vs PCs

Well, someone who like me a real apple fan. But, the truth is too many others.