Thursday, March 19

iPhone 3.0 Software, ZzzzZzzz

I’ve had people ask me what’s noteworthy in the iPhone 3.0 software announcement, and what I’ve thought about it all…
And let me know how far that is in the comments. I’m curious.
- Copy, Cut, and Paste (Jesus. Christ.)
- Stereo Bluetooth (here come the GOOD wireless headphones!)
- Push notifications (for real this time, they swear)
- MMS support (welcome to 2003! I’ve never been so excited about MMS.)
- Emailing multiple images simultaneously (next, make a camera that doesn’t suck)
- Accessory Applications (black sheep of the crew… has huge potential)
- Tethering built in on client side (up to your carrier, now)
- Landscape keyboard in mail, text messaging, etc. (thanks for seeing the light)
- Apps can use maps, enabling turn-by-turn directions (I have to BUY a map app?)
- Peer-to-peer via Bluetooth (might be cool for games… song sharing? No way.)
- Spotlight on home screen searches content on your iPhone (seems rushed…)
- In-App purchaces for subscriptions, new levels of content (clever! $$$)
- New search in big apps, like contacts (*stares blankly*)
- Wi-Fi auto-login (*dozes off*)
- Voice memos (*twitches and wakes self up*)
- Stocks including story ticker (*sits up straight in chair*)
- Revoke certs (asklfasjkjkafdsjajksddafsjjk <— *asleep on keyboard now*)
- Languages
- VPN on demand
- Streaming audio and video APIs
- OTA profiles
- Media scrubber
- Parental controls
- Call log
- Auto-fill
- iTunes login
- iTunes account creation
- Create meeting invites
- Anti-phishing filters
- Live streaming
- Audio/video tags
- Encrypted profiles
- YouTube accounts
- YouTube subscriptions
- YouTube ratings
- 1,000 new developer APIs
If you’re still awake, and still interested, you could watch the entire keynote presentation of these features.