Tuesday, October 31


Become an awkward, dorky teen (again, for some of us) in Bully ($40). You play as Jimmy Hopkins, a kid who has been kicked out of every school he's ever attended, left to fend for yourself at Bullworth Academy. Get revenge on the bullies, play pranks, and become part of a clique as you strive to rule your new school. Jack Thompson sure doesn't like it, but when has that stopped you before?


Friday, October 27

The Man And Ferrari


Thursday, October 26

Shanghai Details


Sunday, October 22

Shanghai Details


Friday, October 13

Interracial Love In China

Just saw an article on a local magazine yesterday, it was talking about "What makes or breaks a cross-cultural relationship".

Some quotes here:
"I'm embarrassed to be seen with you. I hate being the stereotypical foreigner with a Chinese girl/boy friend. And I hate myself for thinking that." Brit ,26

"Do you just like me because I'm a Westerner? Why don't you like Chinese men? How come you like yo eat Western food so much?" French male, 28

"One thing I have to put up with is her humor is akin to a 7-year=old child." American male, 28

in the end, it all boils down to one thing no matter where you are from or how you meet: compatibility.

So what are your comments?


Thursday, October 12


An airplane crashed into a Manhattan skyscraper this afternoon(EST).
Actually, I really don't care so much about those news, but this one really catched my eyes.


Thursday, October 5

It's Another Fall Season

Now in this city, you can see the oriental plane leaf fall on the ground in the most of streets. Winter is coming when the leaf gone.

Sunday, October 1

MoganShan(Mt.) Trip

Headed to MoganShan this week before the National Day Holidays.
More Pictures from it,HERE