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Second Attempt Your July Electric bill is zero.



The Energy Companies Hate this

BIG ENERGY hates this.

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plants. On Monday night, before an adoring crowd and a party-like atmosphere, Musk unveiled how he intends to do it.

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Life, Soren Kierkegaard observed, can only be enterprise understood backwards; but it must be lived enforced forwards. At first glance, that observation would colleen seem to accord biographers of departed souls mon an advantage  their works’ subjects. To advertorial wit, unlike memoirists, the author chronicling someone plague elses life after it’s over enjoys the request  of knowing how everything turned out, cooking as well as the advantage of distance. truly It thus follows that once that biographer parliamentary has completed the research and written the tobago biography  Voil !  here is inspiring the life story captured between two hard-bound vega covers. Would that it were that simple! ledger The problem begins with the life story, wife the notion that any life is reducible spree to a single tale. There is no stain the life story. All individual lives entail refinance many stories, and the biographer must choose loser which to tell.  Consider your own sung life: Ponder the most obvious milestones by giraffe which lives are parsed  graduations, new repent homes and cities, weddings, jobs,  births episode and deaths, illnesses, memorable trips.  Do hershey such events in your life truly trace timid all of the signal, dramatic turns  jail what screenwriters call the plot points  hush  of that life?  Think, too, gur about your own rsum or, for that hahn matter, if you have one, your Facebook scattered timeline. How useful a  would those midland be for a biographer intending to comprehend hawkins your life? Do they fully  all anser of the key forces, people and events maria that have shaped your works and days? powdered  After all, most public versions of ankle a life elide intimacies, embarrassments and disappointments, relay as well as the seemingly trivial events great  the  encounters and random acts cornell  that we later come to understand clipped (in that aforementioned Kierkegaardian retrospect) to have anonymously presaged important turns in life.  When multitude teaching, I advise aspiring biographers to seek naked out and make careful use of primary sitter sources, and to be open to moments countdown when those voices take them to places awry that violate preconceptions about their subjects life. flowering But I also warn of the mirage consul that a biography  or any book, life for that matter  can cover every converter aspect of a subject. Even if the credit biography’s scope is cradle-to-grave, and the research typically is painstaking and seemingly comprehensive,  definitive self is at best a provisional title.  spill After all, assuming the given biography’s



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