Wednesday, February 1

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Emergency services responding to calls that a plane had crashed in North Canterbury this morning have discovered it was a Google wifi balloon.

Police, St John ambulance, a Westpac Rescue Helicopter and a lifeboat were scrambled to the scene after a call from a member of the public around 11.30am.

They were sent to a remote location near Nape Nape, east of Cheviot.

whole time leading up to this how on earth I'd eat courses but I realized when I received the first sweet little box containing a savory cookie that they know just what they're doing. The service was impeccable without being too stuffy they certainly anticipate needs and take care of it before you've even gotten that far. It was timed really well so as not to be bored in between courses or overwhelmed with too ma. We left full but not overly stuffed. Some courses I liked more than others the grape snow was incredible and I wasn't as

Police also received reports of a Google wifi balloon going down in the area around the same time. Officers on the scene confirmed to Southern police communications that it was in fact a balloon.

There are no injuries.

Emergency services are now returning to base.

momentous occasion that this experience was just that amazing but it was amazing. The tasting menu gets you from the very beginning until the end and for all five hours your senses are all so fully alert to just take all of it in and then some. What's fascinating about their menu is that it is simplicity and its best without overly complicated nor flowery description but the dish itself created with expertise. It was simple enough for non foodies to understand and appreciate and for foodies to embrace and appreciate even more. The

Desserts: sweet potato curd with espresso meringue and orange sorbet; vanilla baked Alaska with raisin and maple that is first covered with rum and flambéd tableside and then plated in the kitchen Chocolate covered pretzel Sweet black and white cookie with cinnamon Jar of granola as take home gift. Terrific croissantlike rolls served with butters plain and flavored with pork. I've been dining at EMP for ma years and after tonight's menu plan to continue to dine at EMP for ma more years Asparagus braised with potato and black truffle


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