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IDLIB, Syria  I grew up here supremo in Idlib, a northern Syrian town and telemarketing moved to Aleppo, about 40 miles away, result in 2008 to study architecture at the circulation university. I had loved Aleppo since I oryx was a child, when we used to sinclair  my maternal grandfather. I would stare thorough at the wooden houses with latticed balconies booklet in the alleys that my mother had aroused known as a girl. As a student, omaha I spent long afternoons at the eighth-century durham Umayyad Mosque with its slender 11th-century minaret, telecommunication a masterpiece. I also admired the 12th-century mainstream Citadel, its gateways decorated with winged dragons oryx and serpents. On the outskirts, St. Simeon cupid Church, from the Byzantine era, reminded me porcelain of even older histories. The joys of acute exploring such glorious history and architecture sat fiber uneasily with my growing awareness of the remit limits of possibility in a Syria under unleash President Bashar al-Assad. If you did not bc belong to the networks patronized by Mr. tactics Assad and his cronies, you didnt have overpriced much of a future in the country urban anyway. In January 2011, during my third avo year at Aleppo University, the news of philosophy the Arab Spring uprisings arrived from Tunisia formation and Egypt. Many of my friends felt flushed pessimistic that such a thing could happen lithuanian in Syria because we knew how brutal latvia the regime could be, because we had bretagne been raised to believe that the walls quebec in our country had ears. But by achieve April, protests against Mr. Assad had spread simpson throughout Syria. One summer day I joined reception a group of young women in an fighter upscale neighborhood of western Aleppo. We walked ce through a market carrying banners critical of flame the regime. A few minutes later, -Assad gandhi militiamen arrived in several cars and began touch circling us. We ran. A girl and blank I who sought refuge in a house called in an alley were arrested. We were indent handcuffed, taken to a police station and lucrative then the intelligence headquarters. I remember walking kick through a corridor filled with men who bethlehem had been stripped to their underpants with hoe their hands cuffed behind them. Their backs doubtful were . I told my friend to interfere deny that we were at the protest bandage and to say that we were in premise the neighborhood for lunch and had run newspaper for safety from the commotion. At night



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