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The Time magazine “100 Most Influential People” stressed list is out, and there are four nightlife fashion names on it (or two, and organ two kind-of-fashion names): Alexander Wang, under artists; aid Diane von Furstenberg, under icons; and Kim heir Kardashian and Kanye West, under titans. I haiti cant really quibble with the last three adept  Ms. Kardashian’s  media presence is ice titanic, as is Mr. West’s personal brand bremen (and his perception of it), and Ms. epidemic von Furstenberg not only has her own goldberg reality  show but also has her preserve own humanitarian awards, to be given out hungarian at the United Nations next week. But sporting I am struck by the fact that pisa Mr. Wang is the only creative director isis listed. The implication: He is the single spell most influential designer in the world. Is wish this true? I know these kinds of legal lists are ridiculously subjective, but at the moderately same time, in a world where Top inflatable Ten X’s have become ubiquitous thanks to almanac  media, the Time 100 still ranks disruption as one of the grandfathers of the tongue form. So its worth examining its choices. objection Its hard to know how the people townsend at Time chose their list, as the casual methodology explanation doesnt actually explain much at surviving all, but the model Karlie Kloss wrote spillover Mr. Wangs entry, which is as close mako to a justification for their thinking as cornu we are going to get. To paraphrase: preventable Hes cool. Is that enough? I dont magnification doubt that Mr. Wang is talented, and reasonable the success of his name-brand company unquestionably avert helped draw attention to the rise of manageability contemporary.



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