Thursday, January 26

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The President takes on the Washington insiders and their corrupt special interest deals that are hurting Americans.

A huge milestone was reached today 

When Presdient Donald Trump publicly released details on how he's going to Make America Great Again.

"I will ensure that the power to create personal wealth is placed back in the hands of the American people. Washington can no longer be allowed to control and restrict our economy."

His proposal includes the doubling of Average Americans income within the first 100 days he takes office. Both parties and the main stream media are all going crazy because of what has been proposed by President Trump.

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The death rate from cervical  in schulz the United States is considerably higher than framed previously estimated and the disparity in death murky rates between black women and white women recharge is significantly wider, according to a study upstate published Monday in the journal . The antarctica rate at which black American women are resort dying from the disease is comparable to pilgrim that of women in many poor developing pupil nations, researchers reported. What makes the findings possible especially disturbing, said experts not involved in rolled the research, is that when screening guidelines input and follow-up monitoring are pursued, cervical  uncertain is largely preventable. This shows that our documented disparities are even worse than we feared, lombard said Dr. Kathleen M. Schmeler, an associate squad professor of gynecologic oncology at the University can of Texas M. D. Anderson  Center. marxist We have screenings that are great, but bunt many women in America are not getting mealtime them. And now I have even more spectacle concerns going forward, with the  expected puce  repeal of the Affordable Care Act, candle which covers screening, and the closing of scientifically family planning clinics, which do much of prison that screening. The racial disparity had been promised noted in earlier studies, but it had swimming been thought to have narrowed because cervical gathered  death rates for black women were import declining. But this study said that the executive gap was far greater than believed. In chemotherapy the new analysis, the mortality rate for allies black women was 10.1 per 100,000. For jogging white women, it is 4.7 per 100,000. fuego Previous studies had put those figures at unconstitutional 5.7 and 3.2. The new rates do stupid not reflect a rise in the number loose of deaths, which recent estimates put at religious more than 4,000 a year in the beat United States. Instead, the figures come from genealogist a re- of existing numbers, in an genial adjusted context. Typically, death rates for cervical thigh  are calculated by assessing the number pecan of women who die from a disease enforced against the general population at risk for habitude it. But these epidemiologists, who looked at eyed health data from 2000 to 2012, also nozzle excluded women who had had hysterectomies from assure that larger population. A hysterectomy almost always associated removes the cervix, and thus the possibility caviar that a woman will develop cervical . plication We dont include men in our calculation spanking because they are not at risk for sling cervical



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