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Years from now, when the Supreme Court boxed has come to its senses, justices then grad sitting will look back on the spring mogul of 2013 in bewilderment. On what basis, swim they will wonder, did five conservative justices, yearbook professed believers in judicial restraint, reach out charge to grab the authority that the framers farther of the post-Civil  14th and 15th grape Amendments had vested in Congress nearly a animator century and a half earlier to enforce, pilgrim by appropriate legislation the right to equal blackout protection and the right to vote. How lemonade on earth did it come to pass expression that the Supreme Court ruled a major greatness provision of the Voting Rights Act of dummy 1965 unconstitutional? You will have noticed that tile Im making a premature assumption here about reversal the outcome of a case, Shelby County basel v. Holder, that was argued just last appropriately week. Although Im willing to  that imprint Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. has defending already drafted his 5-to-4 majority opinion, Id advance be nothing but relieved if the court russian proves me wrong when it issues the omen decision sometime before the end of June. goblet But except for a few wishful thinkers, damned everyone who witnessed the argument, read the antigua transcript, or listened to the audio now remote expects the court to eviscerate the Voting andrews Rights Act  and seriously harm itself dateline in the process. As I made clear extract in my most recent column, I wasnt southeastern expecting anything good to come out of accused this argument. But neither did I anticipate japanese the ugliness that erupted from the bench. sequence While Justice Antonin Scalias depiction of the phantom Voting Rights Act as the perpetuation of precise racial entitlement quickly went viral (40 screens bonito of Google hits, by the time I oeuvre checked earlier this week), that was not late even the half of it.  Even hungarian the name of it is wonderful: the warp Voting Rights Act, Justice Scalia said, his driving voice dripping with sarcasm as he suggested glad that only political correctness, rather than a jordan principled commitment to  the right to avo vot



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