Thursday, November 3


Hi body. How are you doing?

I've received an answer to my communications about this affair from an extremely high quarter. You belong to the Action Party. Nothing on its silvery-brilliant surface told that to the unaided eye, yet somehow an endless, barely perceptible shimmer of changeable colors conveyed a maelstrom sense of the energy locked within. You like to read history, she said, and as an entrepreneur, you're a kind of practical politician. Calm down. Then feed me one that is. Daniel Brodersen was born in what was still called the state of Washington and had, indeed, not broken from the USA during the civil wars, as several regions attempted and the Holy Western Republic succeeded in doing. You are not going to continue talking as you have been. It did not to Joelle. As you like. It could simply be bad news. Well, you've been on Demeter long enough to know me better than that, no? And for my part, when I first contacted you about this and you said you'd heard nothing, I believed. He lost two boys of his own that way, and died while defending Seattle against a fleet which the Holies had sent north. That was my own offhand example. Since you mentioned the Others-~-suppose there are none. You belong to the Action Party.
Best Regards,
Jules Hassey


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