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LinkedIn Network Updates, 6/29/2012

Network Updates, Jun 22 - Jun 29
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Chris Slatton Need a Business Idea? Tap Into Lifestyle Trends in the Evolving Luxury Market
Ryan Salazar London 2012’s Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) had an Olympic-sized task to deliver – building new and temporary venues, improving sports facilities, and transport infrastructure for the London games. When it needed to create and distribute promotional videos to accredited broadcasters around the globe –fast – and handle the demand that the Olympics would generate, the ODA relied on Aframe, the cloud video production platform. Aframe’s new-age workflow delivers broadcast-quality footage faster, easier and more cost-effectively than traditional video production and delivery methods. “By adding metatags to the video, broadcast
Video Production In The Cloud? Way To Go Aframe!
RJ Russ Despite the nasty weather Debbie battered us with in Central Florida, Got a call from Bobby Friss who said he spoke with Terry Decker and St. Pete Country Clubs private Golf Course is dry and ready for play. So IF you can make it come on out by Noon, hit the range and we'll have a great day! I Will See You There! Thank You all ever so much!!!!!!! More info at
Russ Albums Benefits June 28th
My good friend Tampa Bay DJ Russ Albums was hit on his bike several months ago and received multiple injuries. He’s on the long road to recovery, so it’s time for some goodwill among his many friends and fans throughout Florida.
Catherine (Cassie) Gamble According to a new study, the nation's female physicians are paid less than their male counterparts. Unfortunately lower pay is not a unique concept to only women doctors. It actually rears its head in many different arenas, in which women are employed doing the same job as their male colleagues for less pay. Things that make you go…hmmmm.
Male doctors paid thousands more than females, study finds
Whether it’s gender bias or that they are less aggressive in negotiating pay and promotion, this much is clear: The nation’s female physicians are paid less than their male counterparts – the equivalent of at least $350,000...
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